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My first autograph was from Dave Winfield of the New York Yankees. I was eight years old. I had never met anyone famous before and after that day, Dave felt like a hero to me. Collecting sports cards was one thing but to actually get them signed was another. I have always played sports my whole life and as a kid, I loved watching all kinds of sports: Red Sox, Mets, Yankees, Bruins, Rangers, and Celtics etc. But I would have to say; I enjoy the sport of Hockey the most from playing it and cheering on my favorite team the Hartford Whalers. My Autograph days officially started in Hartford, CT. I was a huge Whaler fan and would attend most home games and get autographs from the Whalers and the visiting teams. I did this between the ages of 10 – 17. In those seven years, I would feel a rush every time I got another autograph from a Hockey Superstar. My collection of hockey autographs consists of cards, photos, pucks, jerseys, sticks, and programs.

When the Hartford Whalers organization was moved to North Carolina, my love for autographs did not die. I started to collect music and celebrity autographs mainly in Hartford, and NYC. I have also traveled throughout the States and Canada meeting bands and Artists such as: Beatles Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, Dave Matthews, U2 Bono, Pink Floyd Roger Waters, Doors, etc. I have always enjoyed all music from: Rock in Roll, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Rap, Folk and Country and more. , So I had a great interest in trying to obtain from all genres of musicians to keep the memories alive. I still get that same rush I used to get as a kid, only now I sell some of the items I obtain as a supplemental income. To learn more about me and to view my authentic Rock n’ Roll signature exemplars, please visit www.musicautographs.org . I currently live in beautiful Southern California and I am able to work and deal with some of the most respected autograph collectors and professional photographers in the Entertainment business. After years of working and studying autographs, I can easily assess if an autograph is fake or not – It’s disgraceful how many fakes ones are out there. To me an autograph is like a historical artifact or a true memory. I have a Masters Degree in Geographic Information Science from California State University, Northridge. No matter what my future holds, I’ll probably always be out there getting autographs on the side. Autograph collecting has been a hobby of mine for more than 25 years. Nothing beats the anticipation, the excitement, and the stories that come out of those autograph nights. ~Mark Turgeon



***I have deep pride and stand behind my collection of authentic items. I obtain all autographs personally or work with like-minded and trusted team members. I’ve been collecting autographs for upwards of 20 years and each individual autograph still holds a level of fascination for me. I have a steadfast disdain for the greedy individuals who forge autographs and throw them up on the internet. I will offer complete transparency and answer any and all questions you may have. I would also be happy to speak on the phone or meet in person.***


Shark's Treasures is a true provider of authentic autographed memorabilia & fine collectibles. Each and everyone of our items for-sale come with my (LOA) Letter of Authenticity (Mark Turgeon), that states the date and place each item has been signed. This letter serves as a lifetime guarantee for your item. Also, for further representation - most of our collectibles are cerified by PSA DNA and or Roger Epperson's REAL authentication services.







If you have any questions at all, feel free to call or email me. Thanks!

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